Hero Quest Finally Arrives!

 For many of us, Hero Quest was the beginning of our hobby addiction. After many, many years, Hasbro and Avalon Hill Games has finally released an updated version of the classic. I just got my hands on my new copy, and I'm really impressed! 

The Dragon and gargoyle (the original Bloodthirster!) are very impressive models. The plastic is kind of soft, but seems to be very durable. I'm not sure how it will take paint, but I suspect it will be quite fine.

The game and all the extras arrive assembled and in special packaging. I actually was very happy to not have to assemble the models. I can get right to painting.  

Lots of new female characters that weren't in the original. The models and character cards look fantastic. I'm again very impressed with the production value. 

The best part of all! I think the furniture holds a special spot in the heart of anyone who remembers the original, and the new upgraded furniture really improves on it. The original had plastic features that held together cardboard designs. Now, we get sturdy plastic that I can't wait to paint.