From Start to Finish: A Fantasy Castle Siege Battle set in the Warhammer 40K Universe

 As with anything, it all started with an idea. A light bulb goes off, and a quick sketch gets drawn on a piece of scratch paper.

Somehow, I was able to dig up the actual paper that I first used to sketch up the Promethium Reactorum board. It all started with this crazy idea: I wanted to make a fantasy siege battlefield, but set in the Warhammer 40K universe. 

What would a siege battlefield entail? To start, a fortified wall, a mobile siege tower, the defense works set about by the knights of the kingdom, a mote, trench works, and of course a wizard's tower. Over the last several years I have worked to combine all of these aspects into one consistent scene. 

A fortified wall and castle gate instead became the promethium facility set into the mountain. 

The mobile siege tower was made to look like an industrial crane carrying fuel canisters. 

The defense works of the castle knights cast in the form of the Dark Angel's Fortress of Redemption.

In place of a mote, I built a hover train rail line just outside the gatehouse of the castle, each train offloading fuel and stopping to pay at the Imperial tithe stations adjacent to the track. 

The trench works of a medieval siege instead became the pipelines and industry of the mechanicum thralls set upon a mountainous excavation site. 

The wizard's tower constructed in a new form - the Magos's tower - in which the Magos carefully overlooks the menials as they work the promethium fields. 

Let the siege begin!