WIP Wednesday: Chaos Warhound Titan III

I've completed construction and was even able to get some base colors down. I know it looks a bit brassy, but this is only the base coat. After several layers of washing and weathering, I promise this will look much better.

I'm doing something very unconventional with the body color, since I am aiming to achieve a look of Sulfuric Hellforged Daemon Metal (to be spoken in a low ominous voice, see previous posts). I'm taking inspiration from images of hot metal forges (see below). The base colors are red to orange. I will then do some washes and highlights later. Again, I know it looks crazy now, but I'm confident it will work out in the end.

Above is a typical picture of hot metal from a forge. If you look, you see that it starts red and orange, with yellow towards the edges. Then the coolest parts are black. If you look back at my recently painted bloodthirster, you can see that I tried to capture a similar effect, but with a more sickly glowing color, like that of burning sulfur (see below from Wikipedia).

Still a lot to do, but I will be gone for a few weeks and won't make much progress. I am headed to holiday! Leave comments to let me know what kind of content you like. In the future, I can add painting tutorials, recipes, building advice, whatever.  Until next time.