Vatix Ploratus: The wailing mouth of the Emperor

Terrifying to behold are the war horns of Vatix Ploratus. A mighty engine left to burn on the ruined battlefields of Diamat, Vatix Ploratus was secretly recovered with no small price in Loyalists lives.  

Vatix Ploratus is said to be one of the darkest machine spirits to walk among the Grim Reapers, her resurrection through the gift of the Phoenix's Rebirth requiring nearly three years of sacred chanting. Though her battle honours record few major titan kills, it is well known among the Legio Phasmatis where her expertise lies. Vatix Ploratus is the bringer of terror, the last sound heard before the crushing weight of death upon lesser foes.

In the pursuit of traitor forces following the siege of Terra, Vatix Ploratus recorded nearly 300 kills of renegade knights. It is believed among the Legio princeps that Vatix holds an ancient and deep rooted vengeance towards these lesser machines, and more than once, her princeps has lost the reins to the fury of this malevolent machine spirit.  

As many among the Legio know, the machine spirits of Legio Phasmatis suffer not the commands of weaklings and cowards.