WIP Wednesday: Promethium Reactorum V

So far, so good. The tunnel section was fun to see coming together, as I was most uncertain about how this would work.  Here's a picture of the layered foam sheets cut to fit over the tunnel.  This turned out to be a lot easier than I had expected.  I built the tunnel from 1/4" foam core sheets, fit the 1" styrofoam over top with each layer, and then filled the big gaps with expanding foam. I actually cut and fit the sheets into place before gluing them all at once. For the tunnel, it's good to tape it all together with masking tape before gluing. Once the overall shape of the mountain was made, I used the wire brush and knife to shape the foam, glued on some of the rock molds, and then covered the little gaps with the gritty glue mixture.

Here's the tunnel section from the top, and below is the cut-out entrance to the tunnel. A perfect deployment for genestealers or hybrids or alpha legion operatives or a seeker sqaud, or...

And here is how it currently stands: mountains are built up and the rocks and sand grit have begun to cover the styrofoam layers.  I also used more spackle paste and watered-down sandy grit to fill in any gaps between the polystyrene rock pieces. I am almost complete with covering the foam mountains so that they can be painted.  I sprayed the hover rail track brown (Rustoleum flat brown undercoat) so that it didn't look so neon. Notice too that I have begun to build the entrance into the mountain from the Astartes defense platform at right. This could be another tricky spot. Next is to spend more time building up the surrounding buildings and detail.


  1. I love the magic moment of primer hitting terrain (or even a model). Suddenly its like magic!


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