Xanitra Mxhandir Recorder of Miracles

Xanitra Mxhandir is the Recorder of Miracles, the resident remembrancer of the Legio Phasmatis Warlord Titan Ira Deorum. He is known to have lived for nearly two centuries, but his origins and history are remarkably undocumented. His knowledge of Terran dignitaries and the political elite suggest that he has spent at least some amount of time there.

Since his induction into the secretive and mysterious Legio Phasmatis, Mxhandir has interacted with only a few humans outside the Legio. His allegiance, though strictly to the Imperium, has evolved as he has received numerous modifications from his Mechanicum overlords. Perhaps his remarkable life span is a result of dramatic enhancement.


  1. Can you please share your process for the Gold Trim on the titan? Looks stellar by the way. Cheers!


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