Ravenwing Protocol: Merek the Disfigured

When the Dark Angels require swift action, the Ravenwing Protocol delivers. Of the highest ranked sergeants within the jetbike companies of the First Legion, no one has a more gruesome record of battle than Merek the Disfigured. 

After nearly a century of service during the Great Crusade, Merek was among the few Dark Angels jetbike riders that served at the Emperor's side during the defense of Holy Terra. He was the only Ravenwing member to survive the fighting in the bloodied fields of battle outside the Emperor's palace.

Merek is pictured here as he served on Holy Terra during the latter part of the Siege: his prosthetic left arm stripped of all biological superficial synth-tissue, his Astartes helm lost to the detritus of battle, his rebreather providing purified oxygen to feed his two collapsed lungs, and his armor worn and tattered.

The defense of Terra was not to be the last of Merek's battle honors. He would take part in numerous raids in pursuit of his traitorous brethren, before reuniting with the Lion's fleet just prior to the ill-fated landing at Caliban.