Painting Desk: M31 First Legion Seeker Squad

Took a break from terrain building today, and instead I managed to finish the base colors and weathering on an 8 man seeker squad including a sergeant. The sergeant carries a bolt pistol and plasma pistol, a little shout out to the notorious future antihero of the First Legion. Seekers are one of my favorite units based on the fluff, and I tried to add lots of little details to this unit to show that they had been part of extended missions pursuing enemies of the legion.  

You might also notice the little beastie towards the front right that is missing half his limbs and carrying a power axe. This is my Legion Consul Praevian, who will accompany a unit of Vorax Battle-Automata. I'm painting him with the rest of the group, since I want to have a coherent look with the seeker squad. There's a small chance these may get done soon, probably another week.