From the Vaults: Angel Omegus Typhon Siege Tank

Since the Great Crusade, there has ever been a need for siege-breaking massive artillery. Although many of the founding Legions had access to Typhon heavy siege tanks, very few survived to the 41st millennium. To the tech-savants of the Mechanicum, it comes as no surprise that some may have been secreted away by the Dark Angels.

Like many of the most highly guarded secrets of the Rock, only the Deathwing know the existence of Angel Omegus. This heavy tank sees the field of battle only in the rarest of occasions.  Between these rare battles, Angel Omegus is painstakingly cared for by the Watchers in the Dark.

Angel Omegus is yet another living machine temple dedicated to the ancient rites of the Deathwing. Every symbol and fetish placed upon the vehicle holds deep symbolic and secretive meaning to the Deathwing. The roar of this great beast harkens a new victory, and potentially retribution, for the members of the Unforgiven.