From the Vaults: Angel Illuminatis

At the Fall of Caliban, a tremendous number of relics were lost.

But not all.

The Lion was a Primarch of the Emperor of Mankind, and his wisdom and foresight was that of a god compared to even the other Astartes. In his wisdom, the Lion made pacts with tech-savants of the Mechanicum: both Legion and Tagmata would keep secret the discovery and withholding of ancient technology, and neither would question the other's motivation in maintaining confidentiality.

In M41, the Master of the Deathwing was made aware of several of the secrets hidden within the vaults of the Rock. The Lion had guessed that the Emperor's domain would become a maelstrom of war and violence, and he commanded his Mechanicum allies to unleash the vaults of the Rock when the need arose, when the conditions were met, and when the patterns and foretold alignment of events came to pass.

At the revelation of Angel Illuminatis, the Master of the Deathwing dictated that it be adorned in the colors and honor roll of the Deathwing. Such a great weapon would not be sanctioned to the Dark Angels Chapter at large.  This ancient artifact must not be revealed, for threat of tech-heresy, and perhaps worse. 

Behold Angel Illuminatis, the Lion's wrath made visceral, the Fusion Star of Caliban.  To the Deathwing, it is a living temple dedicated to their sacrifice. Lest the wicked forfeit their mission, the brilliance of the Angel Illuminatus may once again bring light where there is only darkness.


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